“Hold My Heart” 7”
Very chunky splintered into your face hardcore. Drenched with vocals desperation - just completely screamed and painfully shredded over bashed out hardcore. Their pace is about medium to quick but when put together with the vocals it’s a raw harsh package. - “Annexx-#13”

"Hold my Heart” 7”
There's not much to this, really. The first side of this li'l vinyl was over before I knew it. And so went the rest of the songs, in keeping, I suppose, with the fact that short songs are typical in this genre of loud, screaming drain pipe punk. Besides the record-wide high pitch squeal, there a few deathly moments in the song "Change." Most vocals, though, are somewhat unoriginal, and seem to simply scream for the sake of being labeled as such. - “ HM-#70”