:Sweet Heartache and the Satisfaction"
When Cliffy Huntington says, "Nothing in my career thus far could brace me for such an accomplishment..." he testifies to the STIVS' achievement with their latest record SWEET HEARTACHE AND THE SATISFACTION.   Produced, recorded, and mixed in four days by Seattle's legendary "godfather of grunge" Jack Endino (Mother Love Bone, Nirvana, Soundgarden) SWEET HEARTACHE is every bit as raw and emphatic as northwest punk (or any punk for that matter) can aspired to be.   With no tolerance for post-punk-yuppie-rock pollution the STIVS purify the airwaves with anthem after anthem driven by the incendiary yawps and yells of Rockwell and the one-two combination of Davey and Cliffy Huntington (co-founder Huntingtons) on guitars.   Reminiscing on the better days of New York Dolls and AC/DC, the STIVS help us to remember what Rock and Roll was founded on: power-chords and unadulterated passion.    Chalk one up for Boot To Head Records with SWEET HEARTACHE AND THE SATISFACTION, the most recent release by the STIVS. (- CRAMCO 06/05 )