We're striving to put together an exhaustive listing of reviews for all of our releases, but over the years a good majority of them have been lost or corrupted. That’s what we get I guess for taking a few years off. What we have up now is all we could find and/or get to work...

As you might understand, it is very difficult tracking down every review out there of our releases as we send out a lot of promo copies to magazines across the globe. Therefore, if you find any reviews of our releases, old or new, please get in touch with us. If you find a review that we've not already found (and send/email us a photocopy/ scan – with issue number and magazine name), we will make it worth your while.

ATTENTION: Magazines, Zines, E-Zines, etc., please get in touch. If you would like to receive promos and press releases, send a sample issue (or link for online mediums), along with your current advertising rates.