“How Does this Go?” CD
Somehow caleb olsen manages to sign bands that defy pigeon holing! Nice! Crux is a band that I believe has confused many people. While they are punk, they defy being compared to any other band! I guess tat is what happens when you get a trained jazz vocalist fronting a punk band! The vocal onslaught is one to be reckoned with. Sadly the band known as crux is no more. This record contains many unreleased songs and I think a bunch of older stuff along side a bunch of new songs (the whole CD clocks in at just over 50 minutes so you get a lot of rock for you $buck$). The production is excellent, song writing above par, graphics top notch (the booklet contains extensive liner notes along with lyrics). If you are into non-average punk rock and well though lyrics that actually make sense and say something, then check this CD out...- “ The Crucial Times-#13”