We always accept unsolicited demos from bands. BUT to save your money and time, please only send demos if its something that fits into the styles of other Boot to Head releases, mainly being punk rock. Even more so now, we are shooting for bands that fit in the wide spectrum of 60's/ 70's/ 80's punk/ rock n roll. Also keep in mind that we ONLY want clean positive stuff.

     Though we accept unsolicited demos and completely listen to them all, we do not have time to write back to everyone, though we will try to do so. If we do not get back to you eventually, you can assume we didn't like the demo. Please do not contact us about a demo you sent, if we like it, we will contact you. If we did not like your demo, but think some other label we know of would like it, we will send it to them (on our dime!!), so as to not waste your effort.