Chris Meurlott - Guitar / Vocs
Nick Meurlott- Drums
Brandon Stoner- Lead Guitar
Daniel Firmin- Bass


HOMETOWN: Fairbanks, Alaska

Hailing from the great white north of Alaska, mad max has nothing on these road warriors. Their blood boils to share their "wear it on their" sleeve brand of oldschool punk rock. With Power, Emotion and Balls to the Wall Punk Rock N Roll and Insane stage presence to boot, these guys never fail to win over jaded punks from young to old. "The Scurvies are dialed in to the classic punk rock sounds of prototype bands like THE RAMONES, DEAD KENNEDYS, BLACK FLAG, IGGY AND THE STOOGES... and more modern artists like BLANKS 77 and THE BRIGGS... With little to no give, the album cruises from one sing-along romp to the next, and aggressive lyrics add to the frenzy... If THE CASUALTIES are looking for a new opening act, The Scurvies should be on their short list."

"Demo 2005"