Chris Darby - Guitar / Vocs
Andy Darby - Drums
Mick - Lead Guitar
Curt Elliot- Bass



From the sleepy south Jersey town of Elmer, New Jersey hail the sonic onslaught known as The Filthy 42s. The 42s have taken a few pages from the history of rock and roll, and written for themselves a unique sound that effortlessly blends many sounds and styles from Punk Rock, to Rock and Roll, to Powerpop. Mixing elements of 80's punk rock (Social Distortion, Descendents, Operation Ivy) with the 60's British Invasion R&R (The Kinks, The Who) and elements of bands such as The Jam, The Velvet Underground, The NY Dolls, and The Ramones... The Filthy 42s are ready to set the scene on fire as they convert the masses to their infectious sounds.

"Positively South Jersey"
Split w/ Revolution Radio